Sorority Send-Off: Rush Style Guide

Sorority Send-Off: Rush Style Guide

Sorority recruitment is just around the corner and normally we would host a back to school party at the store to show you all of these looks in person but this year we’re doing it all digitally

The recruitment process is different at each college and so are the various dress codes for each round of rush so please make sure you follow whatever the school provided for a guideline. Dress code typically goes from casual to cocktail/wedding attire as the days progress so this blog is a rough idea of what to wear for each round of recruitment. 

Make sure you share this post with your daughters or friends who are headed off to college! Keep an eye out for our upcoming game day email!

Round 1

The first day or two for most includes a t-shirt provided that you are recommended to wear with a skirt or shorts. For this round make sure you have casual shoes like a cute pair of sneakers or Converse or sandals that are comfortable to walk in.

Round 2

The next round or most recruitments are a casual sundress or romper. It’s usually suggested to wear cute sandals or casual wedges for this round but don’t forget to pack your good walking shoes too!

Round 3

This round is similar to the one before it and may not be at every school. A slightly dressier sundress or romper and paired with heels or wedges. 

Pref Night

The final night of recruitment is going to be the dressiest so far. Typically a dress you would wear to attend a wedding or in some cases a cocktail dress is the best way to describe this round. Heels would typically be the type of shoes you would be expected to wear on this final night of rush. 

Best of luck to all those going through recruitment and those headed off to college for the first time in a few short weeks! Don’t forget to check in with us for game day outfits, date night outfits and everything in between! Don’t worry we ship nation wide!