Rosie the Riveter Costume – DIY

Rosie the Riveter Costume – DIY

This Halloween we’ve got your last minute costumes covered. Check out all 4 costumes we created from items in your closet here.

Now this DIY costume has to be one of the easiest ones we did this year. The iconic Rosie the Riveter with her denim shirt and red bandana in her hair.

I grabbed our new Rolled Sleeve Chambray Shirt and one of our Red Bandanas. You can pair it with darker wash jeans and a tool belt to really finish out the outfit.

I just pulled my hair into a messy bun, rolled the bandana up to create a long strip of fabric and wrapped it around my head from the base of my head to the crown where I tied the ends in a knot.

Flex an arm and strike her iconic pose and you’ve got yourself a Rosie the Riveter costume!

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