Pineapple Costume – DIY

Pineapple Costume – DIY

This Halloween we’ve got your last minute costumes covered. Check out all 4 costumes we created from items in your closet here.

This pineapple costume was a quirky and cute costume idea I saw first on Pinterest and when I saw our yellow scallop hem dress I just knew we needed to go for it! There are definitely more steps to the DYI part of this costume to create that crown but generally speaking the costume is simple – a bright yellow dress (we used the Scallop Hem Dress in Yellow that also happens to be on sale right now), the leaf/stem crown that we will explain below and a pair of cool shades (optional).

For the DYI part of this costume you will need:

  • Green Construction Paper or Poster Board
  • 1 Headband (we chose a hard, thin plastic one)
  • 1 Toilet Paper Roll
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (or your glue of choice)
  • Rubber Band (optional)

Step 1

Take the toilet paper roll and secure it to the top of the headband with tape. We placed the roll on top of the headband then took strips of tape and went end to end on the roll with tape to cross over the headband. We repeated it until the entire bottom of the roll was covered and we could hold up the headband and the roll would stay in place.

Step 2

Draw out the leaf shapes on your paper or poster. The height and sizes will depend on how tall you want the crown to go. We created 4 different sizes (see the image to the right) – 3 large, 4 medium, 5 small and 5 extra small. Cut one of each size then use those as your templates for the rest.

Make sure to keep the base (the part that will attach to the toilet paper roll narrow). This will help when you begin to wrap and secure the leaves to the roll.

Step 3

Heat up your glue gun. If you are using a poster board or harder material for the leaves it might help to roll them up length wise to help them form to the curve of the toilet paper roll better when you go to apply them.

Starting with the tallest leaves put glue on one side of the leaf from the flat base up to the same height as the toilet paper roll. You want to secure the entire part of the leaf that is touching the roll it. Glue one at a time to the toilet paper roll making sure the bottom of the leaf is flush with the bottom edge of the toilet paper roll. Try to evenly space the large leaves around the roll (think 12, 4 and 8 on a clock face).

Once those are set you can move to the next layer of medium leaves. Stagger and space these leaves around the rolls so that they are not directly lined up with the larger leaves but rather only overlap part of an edge. This will help the crown to look fuller when you are done. Repeat these same steps with the small leaves.

Once you get down to the extra small leaves you’ll want to make sure when you place these ones all the gaps are filled in around the toilet paper roll and no glue seeps out the edges since this will be the layer that is most visible.

Depending on what glue you used you can now wrap the rubber band around the base of the toilet paper roll by the headband to give all the edges of the leaves time to set and a better chance to stay in place. If you do this step just make sure to remove the rubber band before wearing.

Step 4

Now that all your leaves are in place you can use your fingers or take your pen and start at the tip of the leaf and slowly roll/bend it down and under to create the curve in the leaves. You’ll repeat for all the leaves you have attached to your crown. Try to avoid sharp creases in the paper.

Now your crown is ready to wear! Just pair it with a bright yellow dress and throw on some shades (optional) and you’ve got yourself a DIY pineapple costume!

Let us know what you think and as always make sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram if you give it a try!