Family Photos – Holiday Edition

Family Photos – Holiday Edition

‘Tis the season for coordinating outfits and holiday cards to send to family and friends. So many can relate to the struggle of coordinating multiple people for a family photo. From conflicting schedules to finding the right photographer there are plenty of headaches waiting for you in what I’m sure will be a beautiful Christmas card.

We want to help relieve a little stress this holiday season by giving you a few ideas and tips for coordinating outfits that keeps you from forcing everyone into the exact same outfit.

We’re going to focus on the ladies high school age and up but the same rules apply for the kiddos and we’ll touch on how to work in the guys too.

There are two main ways to start coordinated looks:

1. Picking one look to base the others around

2. Picking a color scheme

To show you how to make both starting points work we styled a few family photos each way. Our family prefers more of a casual feel for our photos to match our personal style but these concepts can be applied to much dressier looks as well as with more or less people in the shot.

1. Styling Around One Outfit

First up, and what seems to be the most common, is picking out one garment or one persona’s outfit and looking for complimentary looks for the others in the photos. Usually this is how family photos with younger kids start out. Mom will decide on the cute dress for her daughter(s) and then go in search of an outfit for herself to go with it. For our group shot we chose one piece of clothing as our starting point, The navy floral print dress, and went from there.

We chose the navy floral print dress as our starting point because of of the fall colors it has in it made it easy for us to find coordinating items to go with it and to compliment the area we chose to take our photos in. From there we wanted to pick up on tan/burnt orange, ivory and navy so we chose the ivory scallop hem sweater and the cold-shoulder dot wrap top in tan. From there it was simply choosing a dark wash jean to go with each (our basic dark wash skinny to go with the sweater and the boot cut jeans to go with the dot top).

You’ll see we rounded out the look of the ladies of this group with accessories. We threw on gold and tortoise jewelry to match the color scheme and added in boots and booties in tan, caramel and ivory.

In our photos you will notice we keep the guys pretty relaxed and minimal hassle, that is just fits their personalities best and you always want to make sure everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing. If not, you’ll be able to tell in the photos. A fake smile is not as good of a picture as a real and natural smile is. This holds true for everyone involved not just the guys.

2. Styling With a Color Scheme

Another common way to pick out your coordinating outfits for a group or family photo is to pick out a color scheme to go from. Going this route is actually easier in our opinion for those groups that have older members with their own unique styles or for coordinating long distance. In the first option there is typically one person making the decisions/picking out the outfits and telling the others what they should wear. In this second option there is a little more freedom for each person’s outfits while still creating a cohesive looking photo.

For this photo we chose to go with a popular color palette this fall – burgundy, mauve & black. White and denim are a neutral that go with most of the looks you can come up with in our opinion.

In the looks we chose for the ladies in this photo you can see a number of ways to go about an outfit for a color palette. You can go with mainly one of the colors like we did with the mauve long sleeve wrap dress, you can go with a neutral and a pop of one of the colors like we did with an all black outfit topped with our color block duster cardigan in burgundy, or you can pick a pattern that has a number of the colors like we did with the floral maxi dress that we topped with a black crew neck knit sweater.

Again we kept dad neutral in jeans and a white polo but you could easily mix it up with a button up in one of the colors from your color palette.

For one more example of this style of coordinating family photos we went with a navy and burgundy color palette. The ladies are wearing a navy floral top and a burgundy  3/4 sleeve dot wrap top, both paired with a dark denim. This time you’ll see the guys in a bit of color. They are still kept simple and neutral in jeans but the colors they chose are in the floral of one of the tops so it all gets pulled in nicely!

We’d love to see how you style your family photos so please feel free to tag us on social media or send them over in an email to haley@shop31ten.com! Happy holidays y’all!